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20th May 2020

PLD for Digital Mastery

One of the most challenging areas to 'master' in education is PLD. E.g. how do we shift an entire education and or school workforce, into a new space of higher order education & during-COVID and Post-COVID digital education - while they are heavily immersed in assisting learners and schools to "get grades"?

20th May 2020

Completely FREE edu engagement!

As a contribution to schools and practitioners through the challenges of 'COVID and Beyond digital' edu change, really pleased to put out COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE (no strings, no gimmicks, no hook-ins, no contracts or spin-offs) edu. engagement.

26th May 2020

Adobe Edu Chat Interview

Humbled to be interviewed by the Phenon of education, Dr Tim Kitchen, Adobe - as part of the Adobe-Edu Chat series. We covered many topics inc. the necessity of change in education, what can be done and a bit how.

22nd May 2020

Digital Mastery - How to - 10 Steps

Following the theme of Digital Mastery "Why" and "What", here is "how" to configure schools for Digital Mastery

14th May 2020

What is Digital Mastery?

Explaining 'what is Digital Mastery', its features and purpose

7th May 2020

Digital Mastery - Why so important

NZ's post-COVID future relies upon entering the idea-economy. This means, given pre-COVID declines in World Innovation rankings, Education will be called upon to return value from the $ 215bn+ investment

30th April 2020

Adobe Interview

To develop Creative Talent for the idea economy, NZ needs a profound digital education change. Thoughts captured in an on-the-spot interview

29th April 2020

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What skills will the education workforce need?

For COVID and beyond, what skills will the education workforce need, why and how will they get them?

28th April 2020

What does edu. leadership, for COVID & beyond, need to look like?

COVID means schools with deep traditions, belief systems and industrial revolution models of education need to address Digital Mastery as a new strategic and leadership priority. COVID is not going away. Parental expectations have changed

17th April 2020

An education system snapshot

Explains the "system" and "how" it works from a pay, incentives, driver, performance and what-needs-to-change standpoint.....

20th May 2020

Creative Economies - NCEA meets Industry Certification

What will $15.1bn+ edu. spend in "jobs budget" 2020 also need to support actionable change, in schools, for creative, digital and talent-focus - to help NZ recover & diversify in the idea economy?

14th May 2020