01 - Strategy & Affordability

  • Create precision with PD budget investment

  • One-Off low cost, tailored, annual package

  • Retain & Attract staff

  • Transform loyalty & culture

02 - Accessibility

  • 24.7.365 Access - Practice projects & exams

  • Access anywhere, anytime, any device

03 - Content & Engagement

  • Video and rich learning Tutorials, labs, projects

  • Real Exam simulation - live-assessment

04 - Learning Development

Real-time assessment and work-force performance/intervention portal

05 - Competency & Engagement

  • Incentivise development by embedding industry-certification into digital strategy

06 - Rapid Deployment

  • Instant set up, tailored packages to suit all circumstances

  • No training programmes required

Rare Research & Reviews

Develop your organisational capability:

  • Confidence: Design, deliver and executive strategy and programmes with assured capability development

  • Manage: Track, monitor and intervene in strategy, programme and or project competency development obstacles with real-time training &or skill insights.

  • Digital adoption: Justify digital, cloud and or technology investments with the confidence of an equipped workforce

Organisations that embed industry-certification into strategy and strategic programmes are increasingly looking to develop employees’ strengths and match those strengths to types of work being invested in; that also enhances individual engagement and performance. Rare Innovation Competency initiatives, with 24-7-365 industry-certification, at the heart of strategy, also ensures firms attract and recruit people organisations seen to be at the forefront of IR 4.0