Why Rare?

01 | Approach

To Rare, we take pride in customising the reviews and research to your needs. It is our passion to use this as the basis to re-imagine your enterprise for the digital era

02 | Attitude & Abilities

We are down to earth creative consultants who are not interested in making a quick buck selling you a template that you won't use. We won't band about buzzwords and fad models.

We have developed authentic client centred, rapid transformation, evidence based frameworks - called Inspire. These frameworks enable you to rapidly deploy orgranisational development principles, including prototyping, to support evidence based development of: 

  • Digital Transformation

  • Cloud Strategy

  • Education Transformation

  • Capability Development

  • Strategic ICT 

03 | Quality & Performance

Quality is a word used often. But here, we mean it. At Rare each engagement, large or small, is deployed in a manner conforms to all agreed standards. This is significant because, in contrast to typical consulting models (high-bill, we do, you hope models) you, the client, own the outcome. Our role is simply to support your ability to feeling comfortable in a fluid world or state.